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Through her love for community and desire to keep kids in pubic schools, Tracie's current focus has been to hold local School Board Trustees accountable to the constituents they were elected to serve.  

Tracie grew up in Santee and was a student in the District, attending Hill Creek Elementary School and graduated from Santana High school.  Her three children have all attended Santee Schools.  She is a special education aid, working in the Santee School District, until she was fired by the board for not participating in discriminatory Covid over reaching policies. Tracie is not against a vaccines, she is for medical autonomy and believes that parents have more rights over their children and their vaccine regimen. Tracie and her husband having attended and graduated from public schools see the absolute necessity to make public schools and public school choice a platform to stand firm on.  

School tenants and structure have always been a contentious subject but needs to be addressed strategically through open communication involving parents, teachers and administrators alike. Tracie has spoken openly to school boards on the importance of parental choice and parental autonomy in the public school realm.  She holds school security, mental health services,  activating parent engagement and curriculum including reaching those students who were affected by the pandemic and are plagued with deficits due to stringent covid policy, in the highest regard, 

Tracie has been actively advocating for parents and kids since the beginning of the Covid-19 shutdowns, she has lead the charge for parental involvement and has founded Santee Parents 4 Choice as well as co-founded East County Parent Alliance, two advocacy social media groups. Tracie will always be the voice of reason in the room, a clear voice for the people, and an absolute champion for the children that are in her purview of advocating for!  


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Tracie Thill Santee School Board
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